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Where do you get the girls from ?

We get them mostly from sister organisations after they complete 16 years. We get girls through social workers. Some orphan girls are taken care of by their relatives and when it becomes difficult to continue, the girls are brought to us for final care and  rehab.  Some orphan girls are kept as house maids by their guardians till they can be managed. Later they are dropped at the Ashrama for further care and rehab.

Why don’t you admit younger children ?

There are a number of institutions which keep young children till 16 years or till they complete  10th  class. Then they have no place there. So we  admit them in the Ashrama.

Is the rehab time-bound?

No, it cannot be; it need not be. It varies for each case. It depends on aptitude and interest. It is need-based.

What job-oriented courses (JOC) do you have under Swavalamban, the MSDC ?

We have in-house training programmes in Fashion Tech. (Tailoring), Beauty and Health Care, Computer Skills, Photography, Accounting, Hospital Services, Printing, Driving of four-wheeler, Art of Cooking (Commercial). We have outsourced some JOCs : Driving, Nursing and Hospital Services, Printing, Accounting … etc;