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Late Sri chakravarthy Venkatavarada Iyengar And Smt Krishnamma.

  • Ashrama:Founders
  • Country:India, Banglore.

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Abalashrama is primarily a ‘Home’ and Rehabilitation Centre for orphaned girls and destitute women between the ages of 16 and 25. In addition to providing basic needs like adequate shelter, wholesome food and decent clothing, it imparts education and / or vocational training suited to their ability and aptitude. The Ashrama is adopting a holistic approach in the process of rehabilitation, the aim being to meet the immediate needs while keeping in view the long-term aspirations and wellbeing of each individual.

It is a registered, voluntary, charitable organization founded in 1905. We are proud to mention that Late Sri Chakaravathy Venkatavarada lyengar paved the way for establishing Abalashrama at the dawn of 20th century by marrying Smt Krishnamma, a childhood widow.


The noble ideals of Arya Samaj, his personal zeal for helping deprived women, and the support he received from his life partner sowed the seeds for founding this unique institution. Having resolved to make a beginning, the couple converted their own modest home into a sanctuary for abandoned women in 1905.